European Computer Proficiency for Trainers

European Computer Proficiency for Trainers

Comprehensive programm training and certifing IT trainers for adults.

The ECP trainers is the integrated training and certification program in IT for adults for all recognized by the Greek public sector certificates.

The ECP trainers is addressed to all those who educate or wish to educate adults candidates for the acquirement recognized IT diplomas.

(According to the KYAA/25081/FEK 1720 tB/2005).

The ECP trainers is available to Greece from Vellum in collaboration with Scientific Union for Adult Education which advises, opinion for the educational validity of programmas, curricula and subscribes the certificate.

Which are the goals of  the programm ECP trainers?
-To certify the adequacy of knowledge and skills and the educational ability someone's to teach basic skills in using PC in adults with success.
-To give the teacher the opportunity to prove his educational abilities.
-To improve the provided training to adults.
-To acquire the specialists educational abilities and skills in IT, that do not have pedagogical studies.
-To acquire educational abilities to the basic skills of using PC graduates with pedagogical studies kai good knowledge of IT.
-To create a registry of certified teachers of basic skills usage PC.

Why should i get the ECP trainers?
-Because with the ECP trainers prove to your superiors or to your employers (public or private sector) your adequacy in training adults to the basic skills of using PC.
-Because with the ECP trainers you will improve your teaching methodology.
-Because you can use the title "Certified Trainer for Basic Skills in using PC" and the logo of ECP trainers.
-Because you will join the registry of certified trainers for the Cambridge International Diploma in IT Skills and register as a members of ECP trainers for all recognized certificates.

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