Cambridge Validated Awards

Today, in the era of globalization, knowledge is rapidly changing and updated. People have to follow/adapt, developing their skills in order to be competitive in a demanding labor market. Assessment of these skills is of a great importance worldwide.

University of Cambridge International Examinations provides a reliable, prestigious and flexible mechanism, certifying skills and knowledge of the most powerful and of the highest demand professional tool: the computer.

The assessment procedure, supervised by University of Cambridge International Examinations, consists of 5 or 6 examinations. Success in these examinations, leads to “International Diplomas in IT Skills”(4 levels), which are Cambridge Validated Awards.

Candidates perform on Microsoft based products, as they are considered of the most popular and convenient. However, skills in Microsoft applications is not the main purpose; a University of Cambridge International Examinations graduate can demonstrate mastery and skills in processing text, databases, spreadsheets, presentations, and internet applications, regardless the kind of the software used.

Cambridge Validated Awards are qualifications which assess the practical knowledge and skills in ICT and they are offered throughout the network of Cambridge Associates.

Cambridge Validated Awards are designed to ensure the highest standards in terms of student and vocational training in IT and the organizations that offer the Awards are internationally recognized as offering some of the world’s premiere qualifications.

All Cambridge Validated Awards in IT for Europe are offered exclusively by Vellum and Diplomas are available in Foundation level, Standard level, Proficiency and Special IT.

Cambridge Validation Services and Vellum are also developing the International Diploma in Special IT Skills, which will be available soon.

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