IT Skills Standard level

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Certifies the competence in a wide spectrum of skills which are necessary for the effective use of the various applications of Information technology.

The International Diploma in IT Skills Standard Level is an essential qualification for pupils, students and employees that wish to get a better job.

The program is accepted worldwide, in a network of 6000 schools, colleges and other educational institutions carrying out assessments.

The International Diploma in IT skills Standard Level certifies the candidate’s basic knowledge and skills, according to the latest developments in the computer use.

Certificates are issued in two ways: As a six module certificate (Full diploma) or as modular certificates if the candidate wishes so.


  • Internet services
  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Using computers and managing files
  • Presentations
  • Databases

Why should I choose the International Diploma in IT Skills Standard?

I will have a far greater chance of getting better jobs, compared to those who can only demonstrate practical skills.
I will become the holder of a prestigious certificate, with no expiration date as Cambridge validated awards do not require annual renewal.
I will save time in my workplace as I will increase my productivity
I will gain access to the global work environment as Cambridge Validated Awards are recognized worldwide.
I will have a key advantage to continue my studies abroad
The educational process up to the assessment is validated by the University of Cambridge International Examinations department and Vellum…therefore my education is of the highest standard.

Download the Syllabus for IT Skills Standard Level

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